Today is the day!

By September 25, 2008 September 30th, 2008 Blog

Today is the day for the FREE preview call on “Ego Power: Synergize Your Team to Create with Ease and Velocity”. I am so excited. The feedback and enthusiasm for this class is overwhelming! The results with clients when talking to and making partnership agreements with their egos’s is stunning!

OOO and last night on Amy and I not only talked all about this, but the essence of ego came through and spoke! Check it out!

We have so much interest, because, well…we all have ego’s! There is not a one of us who does not have one, and it is a fact of being in this body having this life experience. So why not get in tune with your ego instead of ignoring or struggling with it?

We will show you how to have a conversation with your ego, find information on why you struggle with change and have certain fears and doubts. We will show you how to negotiaite with your ego, after all…it doesn’t trust anyone, that’s it’s job!! You will be able to create win win agreements with your ego , and that means…no more struggle.

You will start to act naturally in ways that move you towards what you want. With your ego on board you have power, resources, and strength as you have never experienced!

So why not check out the preview call, it will be full of info, it costs Zero, and if you register and can’t make the live call tonight at 7pm EST. you will receive an email before morning with the link to the recorded call and you can listen at your convenience!

Also there wil be a very unique, very valuable present we will gift anyone who attends the call and stays on till the end!

Sign up here :

If you want to hear Amy and I talking more about this whole concept and examples of clients results as well as the voice of ego, check out the recording of the radio show last night we were on: on Stacy ZZZZ’’s “Follow Your Bliss” show Listen to stacey_zzzz on internet talk radioyou can download the audio anytime you want!

One more thing: Remember, your EGO doesn’t like change, so it will suggest thoughts such as: “I really don’t have time to take on something new” or “I don’t NEED another teleclass” … but all those thoughts are keeping you STUCK where you are! Listen now and see what your Highest Self is telling you….does it sound like this?

You deserve to have this experience.

It’s time to make a change