The top 6 reasons for fear of success and how to clear them

By July 29, 2011 Blog
Thanks a bunch to the over 50 people who took time to add a comment to my blog “Does fear of success stop you?”
You can read them for yourself on my blog here
Here are the top 6 categories after reading them all (yep!)
Fear of Success

#1 Fear of what others will think
(Including others will envy me, hate me, judge me, reject me… need for approval, fitting in)
#2 Being Seen/ Being in the Spotlight
#3  I’m not good enough
#4 It will be too much work, time, responsibility
#5 What if it is a Fluke/1-hit Wonder? They think I am a fraud/Uncover truth
#6 Success means I am greedy, bad & feel guilt and shame
I am sure you can probably relate to one or more of these. All of these, and more, contribute to fear of success… so you can see how powerful this is and how it is holding you hostage from the fun, happy, abundant life you know your Soul intended for you!

Well, here is a solution!

I have a very effective and deep way to clear these beliefs and fears, and all you have to do is sit down, relax and listen to an audio!  It goes to your subconscious and DNA and beyond, to where these beliefs and fears live, energetically, and releases them and installs new, empowering ones!
The Magnetic Wealth Club this month is all about “Fear of Success” and clearing these fears that are the real reason you cannot unlock the doors and step into your successful, happy, rich life! You will get the encoded clearing audio, plus an audio class on this topic… and a Q! & A call… all for only $37!!
Yes, it is ridiculous that something this powerful can be this low… but I want to erase this lack from the planet so we can all enjoy abundance and express our true selves!

So let go of your fear of success, and prosper!

Love, Nan
PS No worries, you can join for one month, or as long as you like!