Two FREE Events and a favor…

By January 24, 2010 Blog
Happy Sunday!excited-employers
I want to remind you of two F*REE events this week and ask you a favor!
  1. Tomorrow night, Monday Jan 25th, I am giving a class on Global Teleclass. It is called “Magnetic Manifestation” and it will not be recorded.

    I would so greatly appreciate it if you would go register for it.

    *Even if you cannot make it, as it is not recorded, only live,
    it will help me greatly. This is a great platform where many BIG names
    like T. Harv Eker and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul)
    speak and I would love a HUGE turnout!

    I am speaking on “Magnetic Manifestation” .. here is the link:
    http://www.globalteleclass. com/scripts/teleclasses.lasso? Dept=003

    Remember if you register, you are not obligated, on a list or anything else.
    Just helping me out! I so appreciate it!
    And share it with anyone you know who may be interested, it will be a very experiential class and fun too!

  2. Sat Jan 30th in Austin Texas a powerful empowerment NLP seminar will be taking place from 3-10pm and it is now F*REE!! Michael Eckerman is a Master trainer, who trained with the same people as Tony Robbins.!I will be there too assisting! Read more HERE: and grab the comp code to register with. You need to register.

    You can also hear Michael on my radio show from last week. He did a powerful exercise to imprint the ideal you on your mind!

  3. Finally I would like to ask you a favor! It is, of course asked with tremendous gratitude and the understanding that you will always and only follow your heart!
    Would you like to join my FaceBook FanPage? I would so love it if you did! Just go HERE


Enjoy your weekend and your self!

Love, Nan
PS I highly recommend you get the “Create Your Energetic Blueprint for 2010” audio, the feedback is still rolling in!

“Hi Nan,¬† Thank you for the powerful material!!
Things are surely shifting.
Have a blessed week-end!!
In light, Dominique

PPS Watch for my upcoming class “Create Your Avator: new wealth and self image”… powerful stuff!
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