Want real change?

By January 15, 2009 Blog

How many times have you  wanted  massive change and not been able to break the ‘glass case’ you are encased in? I know that I have been seeking change in my life for many years, but actively since 1989. I was raised in a traditional family, go to school, get a good job, work hard, keep working hard, work even harder…and that’s it. I felt that , after I had to close my first big business, there had to be more to life and went seeking!

So on my journey, I have been studying and reading, and traveling and experiencing and digging deeper and deeper within myself. Over the years, I have developed a desire to find things that really work, work quickly and work permanently…. well, and if at all possible, can be done in fun and joy instead of pain. In this vein, my search not only benefits you, as a client or class participant, but I never stop searching, looking, trying, learning and working on myself.  Because I do this, the experiences never end and the change is always happening and the expansion is a constant. I like this, because I know that my life internally and outwardly gets better every time I face the fear and move through it. Every time I desire to be free from a certain emotion or inner pain and I move into it and process it and use my tools and get help from a coach, it is ALWAYS worth it!

So, as a top shelf coach, I offer you the best tools, ideas, concepts, processes that create real change and profound shifts! I get thrilled and motivated by your change (and Mine!). So here I want to do 2 things:

1. I want to encourage you to consider coaching with me… and if not me, someone you resonate with, someone you respect and feel can truly help you…because that will help to create the change. I cost a lot, the investment is high enough to make you stretch and commit.There’s a reason, results and commitment.

~ I want to let you in on a few secrets that only people who do a free strategy session with me know: If you coach with me, you get to attend all my tele-classes for 1/2 price! Great benefit!

~ Also if you do a free consultation with me (which is usually 15 minutes, but right now I am offering 25 minutes free) I offer you a first time one hour Strategy session for only $350. Email me if you want to schedule your free consultation at [email protected]

2.I want to give you some steps that create real change and you can see if you can apply them yourself to your challenges.

Real Change Formula:

1. You must have true commitment, deep, often painful desire to change. You have to have compelling reasons why you want to change and change now. Feel the pain you will experience if you do not change now. What will happen, how will you feel next month, next year, if you do not change? Will someone you love leave? Will your health be affected? Really feel the consequences of not taking control of your life, your thoughts, your beleifs, your emotions…and then you will be ready to let it go.

2. You must interupt your patterns, habits, emotions. You must find a way, even if it is crazy, to distract yourself when you begin to feel bad, get upset, get overwhlemed around fear. If you have kids you know the power of distraction…wow it worked great for me and my twins, still does. If you interrupt yourself enough, you will break that habit and you can now move forward.

3. Change the meaning. I talk about this a lot…you give labels and meaning to things, actions, people, events, feelings. YOU. This means YOU can change what things mean. You choose what they mean and what you associate with the pain or fear. Take what you associate with fear, guilt, worry etc. and begin to associate it with something else, some other feeling or item. This removes the relationship within you and you can then move forward in a new direction.

So start with choosing that this year you want change and you are willing to do whatever it takes. I am here, ready to help you….

So one question is does this empower me? Am I rationalizing to avoid it because of an inner fear, based on who you want t be, not who you are now. Always be reaching for