What is it worth to you?

By April 13, 2009 Blog

“You Are an amazing coach, teacher and downright great human being. I can feel through the calls
your love and devotion to your students.” Sandy
What would it be worth to you to feel like this every month? Group Wealth Coaching Starts April 15th

What is it worth to you to :

Feel inner peace over money?

Stay positive so you can be clear and happy in creating your life?

Stay connected to new ideas, solutions?

Stay motivated?

Receive surprise money on a regular basis?

See your blocks to wealth and happiness and learn how to transform them?

Receive regular tools and techniques that work to keep you on track to your goals and feeling good?

Feel free, love yourself and do what you love for your ‘work’?

Get regular breakthrough’s a “Aha’s”?

Be supported by a coach and community that believes in you?

Have your most challenging questions answered?

Hear other people be coached into breakthroughs?

Learn the real reasons wealth health, love or anything does not manifest for you?

Understand Law of Attraction once and for all and know how it works and what your role is in using it to your advantage?

Know you have regular access to answers, support, and solutions?

All of this and so much more are available to you for a very affordable price! The new monthly group wealth coaching starts this week! On Wednesday April 15th we will have our first group coaching call.

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself in a way that makes a real difference?

For less than a nice dinner for 2, less than a trip to the movies with snacks and less than you spent last time you went to any sporting or music event, you can receive ongoing support to make your dream life come alive!!!!!!!! What is that worth to you?

There is no better tool than coaching. Coaching gives you an objective point of view, positive and empowering advice and support, insight into your personal stumbling blocks and so much more! See below for some comments from my recent clients. Most pignant to me is that I receive emails almost daily saying “I miss you” and “Thank you , I feel so good like anything is possible” as well as tangible results. If you could pay only $47 and have support every month to feel great, have clarity , tools and see changes you desire, wouldn’t that be the best investment you could make in yourself?

Read more about all you get in this amazing new group wealth monthly coaching at UltimateAwarenessCoaching.com

Here is the full email from above:

“Hi Nan,

I’d like to discuss with you the coaching packages and what would be right for me. The wealth class was so great and I would like to continue. You Are an amazing coach, teacher and downright great human being. I can feel through the calls your love and devotion to your students. I love what you’ve given me. I love what I’m giving to myself. I love you. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Let me know when we can set up a call please. Thank-you from the BOTTOM of MY HEART. (well actually, MY WHOLE HEART)  Blessings, Sandy”

Here is an email I received just today:

Here is one I received just today from a student who just completed my Total Wealth Transformation Class:
“Oh yeah!!!  I am soooo becoming a money magnet!!!  I got a completely unexpected tax refund on Friday.  I was expecting around $400 and I received $834!!! !!!  Whoooo Hoooo!!!  I also received another $60 from my friend who got that unexpected windfall three weeks ago!!!  Received an invitation to a very special Garden Party and a wonderful invitation to lunch with an extremely wealthy lady!!! Double Whoooo Hoooo!!!   Am on my way to do a pet/house-sitting job – was expecting two days, they just called me and asked if I could do an extra two days!!!   Triple Whoooo Hoooo!!!   Lakshmi and I are on a roll!!!  Somebody asked me this morning, how come when I am asked “How are you?”  You always reply, “Great”, or “Fantastic”, or “Excellent”!!!, when clearly I am not working (for the moment!!!) they know my “story” about my spouse etc. etc.  My reply is now “Is there any other way to be?”  Thank you Nan
Nan, I am not jumping straight into avoidance, I am really beginning to feel my feelings!!!  It is an awesome start!!! ”  V. A.

One client who has been taking my classes and coaching with me for almost a year says

“You are magic! It is so amazing what tangible results I see with you. I have more clients right now than I ever have…” Cat Behan, San Diego SoulMateSavvy.com
I would love to see your email talking all about your personal transformation and results! What better time than now to choose to transform limits into unbounded possibility!
The transformation begins in 2 days….. get on board! UltimateAwarenessCoaching.com …Forging a path of joyful transformation,  Nan