What is limiting you?

By May 7, 2009 Blog

So, what is limiting you? Do you know? Can you state at least one thing, right now, that is limiting you and keeping you from the success you crave?

What most limits us is our beliefs and our conditioning. Our Beliefs are such powerful energy patterns. it is almost like they are a computer chip that, once installed keeps sending out the same signal over and over. It has one message, one that now limits you instead of serves you, which is what it was originally made for. Beliefs are created, and ingrained when we decide something really feels good, or really feels bad. From that, we say to ourselves” Wow, I want that to happen again, a lot, how can I make that true for me?” or something like ‘Wow, that hurt, I hated that, I never want to feel like that again! How can I make sure I never feel that way again?”.

You may realize that it is not the actual event that is as important, as what we feel. It is what we¬† choose for the event to mean, to us, that gives it power and juice! Everything that is charged with emotions and deep feeling or conviction, has a lot of power. So things happen to us throughout life, and especially when we are under 10 years old. From those we decide certain things are true for us, and then we forget that that is in our cells and our energy system and it is constantly sending out the same message. You know, you have them … it;s usually somehting like “I can’t do that” or “I’m not good enough”, or self doubting thoughts, anxious feelings that make us feel unsure of ourselves.

So what is limiting you? Do you know? Want to find out?

Choose change. Well, the easiest way to uncover your limiting beliefs is to choose change. Nothing makes your inner dialog (Ego) go crazy like making the effort to change how you think and what you do. You will immediately feel doubt, anxiety, fear, procrastination… You will begin to ‘hear’ the inner critic, “that won’t work”, “you’ll never be able to do that” and so forth. Write down how you feel and what you think. Be as objective as possible and write down what is going on inside you. When you are able to write how you feel, honestly, do not edit it for political correctness or spiritual enlightenment. We are dealing with what IS, now, accept it.

What did you write? Once you have written out how you feel and all the doubts etc. that are coming up, then wait a few hours or a day and go back and read it. It is a treasure map. It reveals your state of mind, it uncovers a limiting belief, or two. You will be able to see exactly what is going on inside of you. See what you can discover by noticing what words you use, how you say it, and what emotions are coming up.

How does it make you feel? Is ita down energy, one that drains you, makes your stomach turn or feel negative, trapped and less than? If it drags you down and makes you feel less than, it is limiting. If it feels fun, happy, uplifting…. then it is a good belief and you may want to look into it and see how you can enhance it! Now you begin to transform the draining feeling to an empowering feeling. Let the down one go out of your system, and once you feel less emotional, begin to choose the emotions you would like to feel.

Where do you put your energy? Now you follow your energy and consciously reclaim it. Choose to retract your energy from that belief, those feelings and feed a new one. Conscious energy allotment can really energize you. choose now to only send energy to things that support and uplift you.

Where are your thoughts? Where are you looking for help/relief? This is another way to see where your mindset is. Do you automatically begin to blame;yourself or others? Do you complain and make excuses? Counter it in your thinking, “No, that may have been me in the past, not anymore. I now believe __________________” Choose a new thought that empowers you and counters the limiting one.

Make it about you and not about things outside of you. Stay in your sphere of influence…yourself. You made the choices to get here, you can make choices to take you anywhere. Where do you want to go?

Noticing what limits us is like reading a map, a map that shows us where we are going. Is it somewhere you like to go? You must change the inner landscape to change the outer experience.

I hope you enjoyed this one way to uncover and change a limiting belief. Come join the group wealth coaching, we are making it happen by isolating one belief we wish to transform, one goal and one new habit we wish to create. And we are going to Make it happen in 30 days or less. Now, that will change your life!