Why do memories hurt?

By September 3, 2008 Blog

I opened a window in my computer that has a side bar that shows a slide show of pictures. It chooses them randomly and I have been watching them go by. They go back at least 8 years and vary from kids pictures, to travels to real estate projects (fixer uppers) I used to repair.

The memories they bring up, are creating emotions. The emotions are moving through my body, I can feel the energy and how my mood changes rapidly with each image I see.

I am pondering how interesting it is that something like an image (photo) can cause such a visceral reaction in my physical body, such a cascade of activity in my brain and such a shift in my energies.

I am observing my self go through all this and am amazed that there is so much power in the meaning we attach to things, events, people, experiences. The image itself is just pixels, it has no power. It is the meaning I attached to the memory that is causing all this reaction…

I feel pain, sadness and loss when I see pictures of my ex-husband, our big beautiful house with the pool and the kids playing, pictures of my mom, who doesn’t speak to me anymore and of real estate I worked hard on and lost in my divorce. I feel joy, love, wonder and thrills when I see pictures of my beloved Chris, places I have traveled like Egypt, Panama, Paris, and beautiful nature scenes like the beach and sunsets.

I feel amazement and surprise when I see things I have forgotten, and times past when my kids were small…


Memories are interesting, they are past, they don’t actually exist, and yet they have such power. In Ho’oponopono, the ancient Hawaiian method of clearing, they say that memories are what cause pain, distracting us and what you clear away in order to receive inspiration directly from Source.

So I am watching this ballet of energy go on inside me and stepping back from the emotion. I am playing with being present to the fact that I can choose how I fee. So instead of letting the emotions pull me this way and that, I am being aware that

1. I created the meaning and gave the labels to the event/memory

2. Therefore I can choose to change the meaning, or remove the meaning thus removing the power and the emotion.

3. My ego is the identity that I am living through and I have also chosen that and I can change that as well if I want to feel or experience things differently.

I have been having very powerful experiences , shifts and clearing by working with my ego. I can tell you that in 20 years of spiritual, healing and self help work I have never found anything so powerful as this. It goes to the core, and like the Spirit of Money courses it works with the essence and power. This is like “skipping a level” and going straight to source to make the changes and creations you desire.

Two things to watch for in the coming week:

1. “Getting Ego on Your Side” audio set

2. A new teleclass on working with youe ego and aligning your higher self with ego to get the most impactful changes in your life!

Stay tuned!!