Yes, you CAN achieve greater success despite the recession

By July 22, 2009 August 12th, 2009 Blog
I wanted to share an email I sent to my Group Wealth Coaching today. I love Jack Canfield, he really walks his talk. He is having a breakthrough seminar soon, so this is from an email I received from here. I also included the link to his seminar at the end, I do not make money by referring you, I just want you to know if the opportunity resonates with you!
“Also I wanted to share part of an email I received from Jack Canfield. I thought is was so appropriate and true. Enjoy!jack-canfield

“The media is drowning us in negative news about layoffs, plummeting stock prices and dismal forecasts. It’s very easy to feel fearful, depressed and worried.To succeed in such a negative environment, it’s essential that you stay in gratitude … keep focused on your goals … take new actions … learn new skills … and develop new habits.

By maintaining a positive emotional state ..and a laser-like focus on what you want to create, you’re practically guaranteed to achieve your goals.”
Jack Canfield
This is exactly what we are doing here, and in all my work. Focusing within, creating habits that support our success. Installing mindsets that support us and keep us feeling good.  Learning to control our own minds, so we think our personal turth no latter what, and we take 100% Responsibility for our feelings, our actions, our thoughts and our results!!
Don’t let yourself believe the LIE that anyone or anything outside of you has control over your success. If you keep the attitude that someone else has to do something, like hire you, invest with you, teach you or give you something in order for you to be successful, you have given your power away. If you think the ‘recession’ and all the negative perspectives they push forward on the media is the truth, then you make it your truth and you will be so overcome with negative, fearful ideas, you won’t succeed.
Here’s more form Jack:

“Yes, you CAN achieve greater success despite the recession or any other challenge the universe throws your way.

Just because the world is having economic problems, doesn’t mean you have to.

This isn’t a time for you to retreat but to charge forward in your own growth and development.jack Canfield,

No matter what’s happening in the outside world, if you’ve learned how to be more competent, more powerful and more effective in the world, that can never be taken away.”
So commit to take full responsibility for yourself, your situation, your attraction vibe and your mindset. Use the tools I give you, really use them… over and over, they work. Go back and so some of the past things again. Redo or DO your Wealth Mindset Transformation Script and actually record it this time and listen daily. You WILL see success!