Your Inner voice is whispering 2

By September 2, 2008 Blog

I got such great feedback from the email I sent today, I wanted to share it with anyone who is not on my email list. enjoy!

You’re inner voice is whispering to you…stop a moment & listen, there’s an important gift in this message! Now you are still, you will hear; Life is a buffet, made just for you! A buffet of states of ‘Being’!
You are a Divine Being, playing in a human being….
You get to choose the Being-ness you want to play in:
happy fun, wealthy, sexy, loving, inspiring, uplifting, creative…
It is all here for you, f.r.e.e for the taking, anytime you wish.
Choose! The buffet is open 24/7 just for you!
Choose now and BE the joy of the Being that is you…
Want to BE peaceful, passionate, caring, adventurous?
You never take anything away from anyone else when you
choose to BE what you want…there’s more than enough
energy and states of being for everyone, forever!
This buffet is stocked and open now…it’s All yours.
Accept this gift; you are the only one who can.So if you do not
like what you are Being, then get to the buffet now and choose a new dish…try something new and exotic, you can always trade it in!
The choices never diminish, the energy never dies, the joy is
infinite you can change, and try on anything you desire, it is
only up to you!
Go for some new states of Being today, accept the gift your inner voice is offering you, be a good receiver and enjoy your natural abundance!
Listen: Choose to BE what you TRULY desire, and choose again, and again…
I feel you Being, oooo, what joy!
~Nan Akasha &

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