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6 Things Intuitive People Do Differently to Succeed

By December 2, 2014 Blog

Is deepening and Trusting Intuition something Top successful people value? Can your intuition really affect your success, income, happiness or your ability to make a difference?

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Do you think ‘Intuition” is silly and not real or do you know, because you have had experiences of ‘knowing – without any idea why, that your intuition could well be what Steve missing puzzle pieceJobs called “more powerful than intellect.” – especially in achieving the dreams and goals in your heart.

Many feel to develop your Intuition – your deeper inner senses (you have 360!!!) – is not the best use of your time because it is not practical if you want to create more success in life, business, love, income or health. It may not seem like a concrete step to take to increase your income or gain more clients, or manifest your dream home, but it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you can do to create more ease, fun, joy  and success in your life.

After 28 years in business and seeking deeper within to find the answers that are right for me, I know that most success that is both fulfilling and profitable come from respecting, feeding and nurturing your intuition. It’s time to live your life from your inner wisdom, and thrive, at work and in life.


6 Things Intuitive People Do Differently to Succeed

  1. They Value their Intuitive Voice and learn and practice to receive and interpret the messages consistently.

  2. They Trust themselves and let go of others being an authority over them and move forward even if they see no clear plan

  3. They Act on their messages quickly, taking steps into uncertainty – learning to ‘Walk on Air’ and bridge the GAP between instinct and reasoning.

  4. They intentionally increase their capacity to Receive – ideas, support, inspiration, solutions, money. Creating a routine or an Inner Peace Space where they can Pay Attention have regular time to Listen and Receive (meditate, mindfulness, down time, )

  5. They Choose. They develop the mental muscles to stay on their Bliss path and refuse to let outside ‘Noise” interrupt their Flow – intentionally reducing Stress, overwhelm, multi-tasking & negative people and influences. This also increases clarity, focus, and accelerates manifestation.

  6. They Rejuvenate. They Prioritize Self Care and Personal Growth – meditation, dreams, rest, social and hobby time, and self love.

“Few things stifle intuition as easily as constant busyness, multitasking, connectivity to digital devices and stress and burnout. According to Arianna Huffington, we always have an intuitive sense about the people in our lives — on a deep level, we know the good ones from the “flatterers and dissemblers” — but we’re not always awake enough to our intuition to acknowledge the difference to ourselves. The problem is that we’re simply too busy.”

Come join me and go deeper into Success thru Intuition – Bliss Streaming Show“6 Things Intuitive People Do Differently to Succeed”. 

“At night, when you’re dreaming, you’re receiving information from the unconscious or intuitive part of your brain,” says Burnham. “If you’re attuned to your dreams, you can get a lot of information about how to live your life.” Sophy Burnham

Be open to becoming better friends with this part of you that is connected to Divine wisdom and your truth, it will bring you into flow, your Bliss Stream of Divine energy from which you can create thru joy!