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Turn ON your Money Vacuum

By February 22, 2019 Blog

Ready to turn ON your Money Vacuum?

Did you hear my offer to help you (no charge) to find the money? (details below)

It’s easy – I will help you TURN ON A MONEY VACUUM (to attract money for a 30 day goal) and manifest the money to come to the March equinox retreat.

No extra charge,to receive powerful money manifesting mentoring with me and get to come to paradise and uplevel your life!

Get my step by step ‘Money Vacuum’ process podcast >here<

In yesterday’s podcast I gave you a simple, yet powerful formula to begin to draw money to you for a specific goal.

I extended my hand to you – to lift you up into being the conscious creator of your life… join the upcoming epic equinox retreat (Mayan Pyramid Abundance Awakening).

This is such a powerful, fun, adventurous and deeply healing and transformational week long experience to open your inner eye and connect you to clear inner guidance. It will take you exactly where your heart is and reveal and heal your fears, leave behind your limits and align with your true abundance and purpose…

“I manifested 80% of my 30 day (rich switch)
money goal in 5 hours of the first process! Including all my money for this retreat! ”
Julie Ling – Texas. Sept. Equinox Retreat 2019 (returning to March event).

Do you realize what this means?

If my clients all around the world have been manifesting money for their top goals and revealing and healing their #1 blocks in hours, weeks or months… what is possible for you?

Your own person MONEY COACH helping you manifest a key heart goal… no extra charge?

Nan blessing the great Mayan pyramid & Golden Atlantean Library

This is the ANSWER to your inner prayers! Are you going to answer it… step into the door that is opening for you…?

Are you ready for your MAGIC Life?

HIT REPLY and ask to talk to me now…or PM me on facebook

Riches are ‘love letters’ manifest from the Universe,

Official Fairy Godmother of Money

PS When you want something  IT IS YOUR SOUL CALLING YOU TOWARDS YOUR DESTINY… and if you believe you do not know how to find the money for it, money becomes the prison. It is controlling your decisions, choices and income…

You are ready to stop that old game and begin to cocreate in a productive, enjoyable and powerful way with the energy of money?

Let’s do it! I am free to talk Saturday… PM me on Facebook…

Listen to the BlissLife Money Vacuum Podcast >here<