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2 days 500 towards my goal

By February 27, 2019 Blog

“I have $500 towards my goal!

It’s only 2 days into Nan’s “Money Vacuum” process and I have many ‘rich’ things coming, and I have
$500 towards my Rich Switch goal!

My list of possibilities was huge (‘Find the Money’ Process) and I am going to start to work on them today!
So excited about this process”

Georgette Smith

Hi Beautiful…

Requests and results keep coming in for my (find the money now system) and last weeks podcast “The Money Vacuum”.

Wow – since it aired we have had all kinds of action, money coming in for people, new ideas, new levels of excitement and yes! we have new sign ups for the BlissLife equinox retreat!

Way to go! I am thrilled when I see you take the chance the UNiverse delivers you and FREE your MIND… because I know… the wealth will follow!

This podcast is about how to manifest money now for a passionate goal. I share the formula and stories to inspire and awaken your mind to the fact that you can make a 30 day (or any) goal AND MANIFEST it, even if you do not know or see how and are filled with doubt or fear!!!

I also offer you (free!!) help to manifest the money – the way to come to the equinox retreat March 18-24. I am SO PLEASED to say 2 ladies already joined since the podcast and several more are looking for the money and the path to open for them as well!

Dilusha Sept 2018 Equinox retreat- “I am transformed!”  She is returning in March! Join her for your transformation!

All around the world, waking up is happening… I have talked to people in Australia, England, Canada, and the USA just this week… do you hear it?

If you are ready to get out of the life that you have led and the same thoughts and results, and jump into the life your Soul intended… start the “Money Vacuum” process today!

QUESTION: What can you manifest with this process? ANYTHING! Best of all, it works fast, that’s the point really…. it’s for ideas, time, money and all forms of resources you need to do what your heart is called to.

You cannot imagine what’s POSSIBLE for you… Until you open your wings and jump!

What I show you is how to actually realign your energies, and move the thoughts and fears to keep you from knowing how to find the way to the retreat – whether it’s money, time, help for pets… it’s already there.

Can I help you too?

Reach out, you will be like Georgette, Nala, Jules and more who said “YES!” to their hearts and are now on a grand adventure with new friends and an inner excitement that is unreal – as they prepare for the biggest breakthrough of their lives… at the Mayan Magic Equinox at e Pyramid of the Magician.

BIG love.


What’s possible for you if you say YES and follow the Light?

PS The “Money Vacuum” is a science based, time tested, heart centered process for REAL intentional creation.

Manifesting money, and anything else you need – like confidence or childcare… it’s ALL there for you ALREADY!

Hit reply and let’s talk.



Because I might show you how to get what you want?


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