Excuses begone- Wayne Dyer showed us how to live on purpose and not wait

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What a BLESSING that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer chose to follow his heart’s calling and Spiritual Mission in life and not his EXCUSES. He gifted us with over 40 books, countless programs and a role model for living life on purpose, no matter what the NORM said! What I wondered, as I felt him pass thru the gate last night (yes, despite being exhausted from a full play day, I could not sleep!) from this dimension to the next one on his path… is – what is stopping EVERYONE from living like that?

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I know, I have been developing myself for decades, and I put into the world an enormous amount – 7 businesses, 1000’s of worldwide clients and massive amounts of content…, and it really is not enough according to my Soul , I know that.

When I am honest with myself… I have spent too much time worrying about what others think, following the rules, trying to be liked and not making “mistakes” and not enough going for what my heart knows is right and letting the Universe step up and care for me on the path of my truth.

EXCUSES BEGONE – one of my favorite Wayne books (along with so many others Like “Living the Tao”) – is also the MAIN MESSAGE I received from him as he transitioned. I am no longer waiting, holding back or worrying if you like me, if what I am doing the ‘right thing’ according to so many OTHERS, if I will be accepted or rejected… NONE of this is relevant to my SOUL’S PURPOSE.

To hell with judgemental, small minded, fear-filled haters, I am here to embody Divine love and the Divine feminine, to open others to their Spiritual truth and to share their message with the world – like Wayne – through books, programs, speaking and healing. There IS NO TIME TO WAIT. WAIT is a 4 letter word.
LOVE – LIVE YOUR HEART’S CALLING – PLEASE STOP waiting – every excuse you make, even when you think it is out of your control and think it is a real reason -IT’S AN EXCUSE your poor mind is serving up to slow you down for “safety” reasons… YOU ARE IMMORTAL -stop playing safe and LIVE YOUR LIFE IN FULL COLOR!
SPEAK UP – share your gifts and never let the DOUBT run your life… you will so regret it big time and that pain is so much worse than anything you could experience on the path of ‘following your bliss” – like ridicule, and all the “Burned at the Stake” syndrome’s.

I do not care if you like me or work with me, and I am thrilled if you do, but the real issue is:

BE LOVE today – to you, and listen to your higher self, your SOUL’S PATH and tell the rest of the people in your head to move out… it is your Sacred place to create the life, love, world and body of work you want to gift to the all.

THANK YOU Wayne – you will be an even more powerful teacher for the all now… how delightful! Looking forward to our new adventures.

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If I showed you your next step on your Soul’s purpose path and was a clear and open channel for a message from your Higher self… would you do it – or make excuses?

Sadly almost 94% of the population WOULD NOT! Even if it felt right in their heart and their ‘gut’ or intuition reacted with wild enthusiasm…
Pretty sad, isn’t it? That we are so caught up in a life that says run, rush, do not express your real self, and be what everyone else tells you you should be. I have seen the most magical, spiritually connected people STAY in horrible relationships, life sucking jobs and not following their deepest intuition, all because they are afraid of making a mistake, upsetting someone else and being criticised or not liked.


Get over it and onto your real purpose path! I invite you to consider if you are one of the only 20 people who will journey with me over the Equinox deep into your real purpose and releasing the past, writing from spirit and surrounded in LOVE…

There is NOTHING to hold you back if you know it is for you and decide to step in – no excuse is real. I have proved this myself and with my clients OVER AND OVER for years – there is ALWAYS A WAY – an answer, a solution.

I received an email from a beautiful woman who knew she was meant to be at my last life changing retreat (videos and pics on the page).. and she shared all the examples of how the Universe showed up to help her get here, from money, to travel, accommodations and more… and she didn’t take the loving hand the Universe held out to her…

Now she KNOWS she is loved and supported, and is ready to STOP holding herself back because of other people’s fears… nothing changed for the other person after her stopping herself for them… they were still miserable, angry and unhappy. Ever had that experience? Holding yourself back because others have fear or do not understand? It NEVER works, do not do it. She suffered her own consequences in her own path of evolution. YOu have too, so have I. I missed golden moments in time and precious life experiences and Golden moments because I let others fear hold me back. Yet I am the one who lost out, not them.

Sept. 20-23 – 20 of your Soul Family Uncovering their New SOUL MAP –
Soul Channeling & FreeFlow(tm) Writing EQUINOX RETREAT 

“Sacred EGYPTIAN Rainbow Lightbody CHAKRA Activation”
– with the Rainbow Consciousness Initiation

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my friend died and the love is expanding

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My friend died…

and yes, the sadness came…. but what is EXPANDING is the LOVE!

My friend Marla was so focused at all times on positivity and joy, never pain or complaints. She wanted to connect with her friends and be happy and then she said one day “I think I am tired of this game… I am ready for a new game”…. and now she is playing that new game.

It has made me stop… and sit… and remember the real reason we are here, and the real purpose to life… to expand our capacity to give and receive LOVE. To remember we all ‘die’ to the old way of being – daily – and we too, get to ‘play a new game’ when we are ready.

I am no stranger to death, 20 years ago my daughter Jordan anne died… and the metamorphosis was deep.. and it gave me the capacity for higher states of Love and deeper connections to other life forms and expressions of the Divine not in form (the ‘unseen’ worlds).
This new ‘death’ experience has opened my heart and upleveled the vibrational quality of the DIVINE LOVE FREQUENCIES moving thru me, my spiritual service business and my home sanctuary – “Planet Bliss”. As I prepare for my retreat 
“Soul Channeling & FreeFlow Writing Experience: Talk to Nature & Write Your Soul Story”... (yes, you can still come > read more here<) – the Spiritual Alchemy this death activated in me is expanding the LOVE from the Spirit realms as they co-create my home into “The Sacred Bliss Playground For Spiritual Alchemy”! 

Listen to this audio I made for you

Want to uplevel your vibration of Love and enter the next stage of your Spiritual Metamorphosis?

This weekend (2.5 day) Spiritual retreat experience is unlike any you have experienced or imagined. Where color, light, ritual, play, art, music, nature and deep Spiritual journeys will create your next Heart opening. You will communicate with the Divine thru Nature and channeling thru freeFlow writing and other ways of communication and all manner of creative and sensory activities like vibrational essences, color, art, crystals, music, movement, crystal bowls, toning…
Talk to us by clicking here!
Chrissy and I are available to chat with you 
we will give you some intuitive guidance and look deep into your heart chakra and let you know what’s calling to you….

Oh there is so much more to share, lik
e we have 4 beautiful Sanctuaries, including a “Sacred Temple of The Rainbow Earth” where you can write, meditate, heal, reflect and vision.

Doesn’t that sound like the loving experience you are seeking? I know my friend reminded me – above all is LOVE, and it starts with me.

Then, please feel free to CLICK HERE and select a time to chat. 

Spiritual Alchemy for the Blissful Soul

PS. Is your heart calling you to take a moment for your Spiritual self care and Soul Purpose re-connection? Come listen to your heart, heal – open – and connect to the gentle, deep and ancient love and wisdom of Nature…

Please book a time here to talk to us about where you are right now, what’s stopping you from knowing or acting on the next step in your Soul’s path and we will give you some intuitive guidance and look deep into your heart chakra and let you know what’s calling to you…

If you are right and ready to be one of the few more people who it is a Divine fit to join us, we welcome you with open arms, heart and mind and so look forward to PLAYING together!

JUST CLICK HERE and set the date August 7-8-9 in Beautiful Coastal Southern CA to play with your Higher Self.

Reveal and write your personal mystery & mythology! Meet your writing muse, and all her friends…

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Imagine spending your summer going deep into your mystery… and write your Souls story… your personal mythology with the guidance of the Divine realms here to inspire and support you…

While diving deeper into yourself, you will enter a magical zone where you will connect with the most creative, loving, infinite, powerful and inspirational guides. You will expand your awareness, and raise your vibration to Be a CLEAR and OPEN Channel to communication from Spirit, source, your higher selves Angels, Fairies, and other dimensions, as you write and reveal your truth!

This is for writers and authors… and for creatives and visionaries and healers, and for anyone who is navigating into the deeper realms of their personal mystery and mythology.

Is this a the next door on your Spiritual path?

We will do deep spiritual work, and access more levels of communication with all forms of life source.

I will give you a

We will write in many forms, and experiences.

This will heal and transform you from within.

It will bring you amazing content for your book, programs or services, or for your life.

It will open you up to a deeper level of creativity and communion with Source and the Divine energies that are here to support you

You will follow your bliss and open to new depths of guidance, trust, expression, and ecstasy!

I will be guiding a deep exploration of how to connect, hear, receive, exchange and deepened your natural intuitive abilities and

(More info coming soon, if you are interested. please email [email protected] and we will send you the curriculum and more details as soon as it is ready…

2 Options to Play:

#1: 8 Virtual Live 90 Minute Sessions, recorded.
Class is 6 Weeks Long:  June 30 – August 6th, 2015
EZ Special Price until June 10th: $247 or 3 x $99/ 30 days apart

#2 3 Day Writing Workshop and Deep Spiritual Dive in person in Southern CA Coastal area (near San Diego). August 9-11. Get Both the Live course and the 3 day workshop for only $497! (Workshop is Priced at $497 all on it’s own, buying them together now gives you half off!

EZ Payment plan 3x $197 (30 days apart)

Spiritual Channeling Writing Class Details:

  • 8 Live Classes, over 6 weeks, Virtual, all recorded, Tuesdays 9 am PST  June 30, July 7, 14, 21, 28, August 4th. Plus Two Saturdays at 9
  • Lifetime access to a private membership site with all materials, audios, and playsheets, templates, Guided processes and more
  • Transformational Author Circle Monthly Call access for 2 months ($197 value)
  • Private forum to communicate, share and get feedback between calls
  • Private 30 Minute Session with Nan ($650)

Are you the next Marianne Williamson or Eckart Tolle?

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Are you the next Marianne Williamson or Eckart Tolle?

  • Do you know in your heart you have a powerful message and transformational spiritual journey to share?
  • Are you ready to be seen as the transformational leader you know you are and expand your impact worldwide through sharing your method, processes or system?
  • Is there a book – or many – burning inside you that can heal, inspire, empower or transform someone’s life right now?

If you said “Yes” to any of the above, I want to help you write, publish and prosper your purpose through a book, product or podcast.

[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Why would you be interested in talking to me about your book, your story and your Spiritual purpose?

[black_arrow_list width=”100%”]
  • IMG_2218My second personal #1 bestselling book “Be Love” went to #1 by 8 am the day it debuted. I am the author of 4 bestselling books, 3 radio shows, one top 10 podcast, an internet tv show, and over 40 products including the international bestseller “Flip Your Rich Switch” and 5 coaching programs. I am an Enlightened entrepreneur with a community of over 23,000 worldwide, blending my spiritual path with my service and income, building (and helping others build) multi 6 & 7 figure businesses for the last 27 years.
  • My podcast “Bliss Streaming” hit #6 in ALL podcasts in itunes.
  • My Award Winning Spiritual Publishing company, BlissLife Press, just won an industry award for our “publish & prosper with your purpose” bestseller campaigns, creating #1 bestsellers.(See picture of my co-founder Chris accepting it on stage further down the page).
  • IMG_2062Our publishing company, BlissLife Press, was selected as one of 5 top experts to speak at a publishing industry event. Chris was featured on an expert panel in front of 250 Publishing Industry professionals talking about how to MONETIZE your book, and media exposure, which we do through our publishing packages, author coaching and Bliss business school.
  • I am looking for the next Generation of Transformational Leaders and Cutting Edge Experts in Self Help... Spirituality, Energy Healing, psychic, health, or Enlightened entrepreneurship. who is ready to make an impact and change lives around the planet with a book with heart and soul.

Publish your Consciousness Raising Book with BlissLife Press now =>>Book a Free Consultation Now<<=

We are on a Mission – and so are you. Our Mission is to find the Light Leaders – you –  and help you write, design, launch, market, leverage and monetize your book,  your talents and your purpose. Chris receiving #1 bestseller BlissLife Press award

You are reading this for a reason… our paths are meant to cross…

It’s time to make your dreams of expanding your reach, raising your voice and touching, transforming and healing in a bigger way come true. We are here to help you.

BlissLife Press – Publish & Prosper Your Purpose
Publishing – Marketing – Coaching

Enlightened Publishers for a Planet of Peace – Prosperity – Partnership

No matter what your publishing ambitions may be, BlissLife Press gives you the keys to unlock your Spiritual purpose and Soul potential as an author and leader in your field. You stay in creative control while receiving our expert guidance as your manuscript is transformed into a published – bestselling – book.

>>Book a Free Consultation Now<< to see what your next step is to Publish & Prosper Your Purpose.

We do best seller book marketing campaigns for:

  • Enlightened Entrepreneurs
  • Spiritual Leaders, Teachers
  • Energy Workers
  • Healers
  • Conscious Evolutionaries
  • Transformational Coaches & Consultants
  • Thought Leaders
  • Intuitives
  • Visionaries
  • Inventors
  • Mindset & Energy psychology
  • Earth friendly, eco-futurists
  • Creatives
  • Artists
  • Leading Edge Writers and Paradigm Shifters
  • Mediums and Psychics, wizards, witches and Shapeshifters
  • Law of Attraction, Universal Law teachers
  • New Age practitioners
  • Goddess, nature, and ancient
  • World Mysteries and teachings
  • Channels
  • Angels, Aliens and other life forms
  • Messengers for the Light…. (including coaches, speakers and business owners)
  • Miracle stories
  • Animal and interspecies communication, interdimensional travel and communication,

… who want to uplift and transform the world..

We launch you to attract your tribe, gain credibility and bestseller status and create a media presence for your mission and brand.

We show you how to leverage your bestselling book into more opportunities, business, money, resources, visibility, credibility, reach and impact.


[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]BlissLife Press – EXPRESS YOURSELF Writing Experiences Presents: Ready? Transform Lives Through Sharing Your Story, Teaching Your Method and EXPRESSING Your Purpose in a (Bestselling) BOOK

 “How to Write a Transformational  Book that Shares Your Story, Attracts Clients and Changes Lives” 7 Step Live Journey Begins April 7th 75% off – >>READ MORE HERE<<[/features_box_azure_blue]

Be LOVE Book Harmony Love Ceremony

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IMG_1836I am excited to be off to a 3 day event all on publishing. Where our publishing company – BlissLife Press – is being given an award, as well as being featured on an expert panel!

My co-founder Chris, who was the marketing mastermind behind my new #1 bestselling book, will be receiving an award for publishing and is featured on a panel of publishing experts as well!

So to help you enjoy your weekend as much as I am going to, I wanted to give you this fun and powerful Vibration raising Activation from my new #1 book: “Be LOVE” 14 BlissLife Principles to Activate Instant Inner Peace, Strong Self Esteem & Real Courage so You Prosper in Full Color Happiness.

The book is a practical manual about how to raise your vibration and increase love, money, happiness… help you manifest any goal in your Soul…

My gift is an activation that actually uses physical items, as most in the book are internal processes. However this is so fun and easy, and effective for raising your vibe, energy and I wanted to share it with you.

This is from Principle #6 Be LOVE to your Body… it focuses the Flavor Vibe of Harmony…   Principle #6 Be LOVE to your Body Flavor Vibe: Harmony

Be LOVE Ceremony for your Body. Infuse your body, cells, organs and brain with the Vibration of “Harmony” thru Stones and grounding with Mother Earth.”

Stones are record keepers, and hold ancient wisdom and massive knowledge.

They have healing vibrations of all flavors and can also be programmed to hold and emanate certain vibrations. Get crystals or stones of different types and tape them to your body with medical tape.

Match the stones qualities to the area, like taping a block stone to your tummy (Solar Plexus) will absorb negative vibes when you are with people who complain or blame. Tape a rose quartz to your heart center to infuse more LOVE into your heart. Tape flourite to wound, or a sore, weak or damaged area. Or increase blood flow to speed up healing with a magnet or hematite.

You can use Citrine on your 3rd eye for raising your clarity and spiritual connection as well as your riches. Program a quartz crystal with your goals, your vision, your intentions or with Be LOVE or any healing energy and then tape it to the appropriate area….

Do this overnight, during a process or ceremony or daily over time… test, play and enjoy.

If you enjoyed this or my book please leave a comment below, but even better, share the book and leave a 5 star review on amazon for me. 

My New Book Be LOVE: 14 BlissLife Principles for Activating Instant Inner Peace, Strong Self Esteem and Real Courage.

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Truth, beauty, freedom…. and above all is LOVE.
I wonder what the world would be like it we taught these principles in schools as success standards and principles of making money and
doing business in the world?
I’d like to in
vite you into an experience, a shift in consciousness, a raising of your vibration and abundance… my NEW BOOK! “Be LOVE”...

[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Be LOVE: 14 BlissLife Principles for Activating Instant Inner Peace, Strong Self Esteem and Real Courage. 

Be-Love-Final-CoverAvailable now on PreSale – comes out Feb. 14th Valentines Day! ONLY 99 Cents!
>>CLICK HERE NOW<< To order it and get 3 Audio Activations.

but it is really way more than a book… it is an experience.. an activation and a powerful tool for raising your vibration… so you can live these as your daily reality and make money blissfully.
I actually walk you thru 14 principles to raise your energy with the highest vibration of Divine Love. Then I show you how to mix your own flavor into it, and much more…
=>Go HERE<= to read more about the activations and the book.[/features_box_azure_blue]

PLUS!  Valentines Day Feb. 14th

2 LIVE LOVE Transmissions, Yummy Energy Healing & Happy Vibration Raising, Deep Guided Bliss Streaming, Heart openings.
Plus a Be LOVE Collective Channeled Message.
8 am & Noon PST

Join us! Here’s How:

STEP ONE:  Buy the Book ‘Be LOVE” for only 99 cents now => Click here<=
STEP TWO: Go to It’ and register.
STEP THREE: Get the email with the LIVE Love Transmissions info. Mark your Calendar for Sat. Feb.14th, 8am & Noon PST

New! “Be LOVE” Book TODAY 99 cents Principles for Inner Peace, Self Esteem, Courage

Give me feedback on the Live Energy Transmission please

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Nan Akasha Bliss Mentor

Nan Akasha Bliss Mentor

Thanks so much for coming on the call

True Psychic Confessions & Manifest any Goal in Your Soul

Live Energy Transmission Call...

and for being willing to take a few minutes to share your feelings, results, or ask me what you need clarified.

LEAVE YOUR Experience and what you want more of from me, what you biggest challenges are and what you most want help with manifesting…

ALSO: If you feel you want to have a “BlissField Reading” with me…

Where I connect to your energy field, abundance flow and Spiritual blueprint and help you see where you may be blocked or where to look next for your growth, or how to unlock more money now, or even transfer a message to you from Spirit.

The whole 20 minutes I will be streaming a Love Vibration to you, that your body, and energy fields will use in what ever way you most desire.


if you want to have a sessions with me- NO -Cost – please come with a true desire to change and willingness to be open to the gift and the guidance.

If you do not plan to use this gift, leave it for someone else. However if you feell this is a gift just for you, at the right time, and you will open to your next step… then reach out, I would be honored to talk

I may have a few more spots – FREE – but only if you really want me to see into your energy field and Spiritual flow and help you find and transform any blocks to your Vision, Abundance or….


All things are possible now!

Live your Bliss Life Now



Use this Daily Guide for Manifesting Your Bliss Life Now

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I am so excited my Bliss Business School is kicking off again – what a magical time for those Heart Centered Visionaries, Creatives and Spiritual Entrepreneurs who said ‘YES!” this year they would follow their bliss, make more money and learn to market and manifest their vision into a reality that they LOVE!!

You can join us in Bliss Business – [Money – Marketing – Manifesting – Intuition] School too! – I recommend you go now and check it out >>HERE<< or Talk to me =>Talk to Nan About Bliss Biz School<=

rainbow bar HR divider


Now time for GOODIES!!!

I made this simple, elegant, spiritual, Highly Effective Manifestation Tool for you to create your life from your Inner Power and Divine connection.

This BlissLife™ Design’ Play sheet I made has a sheet with what you create and say each day. It has a second blank sheet for you to write anything that comes to you.  

[features_box_azure_blue width=”75%” + border=”2px”]

“Daily Design Mantra to Live YOUR BlissLife™ NOW”

The Secret to Bliss – is #1  You Create your LIFE- Style FIRST – then your income, business etc. fit in from there – YOU First!

How to use this Sheet for Creating What you Want Your Life To Be Like & Deep Transformation and Magical Manifestation:

  1. Click here  to Download the sheet
  2. Instructions: Fill in the blanks and then say, feel and after you say the whole sheet sit with your eyes closed feeling and flying within in the energies and reality you created. This is a powerful process, that is simple, fun and elegant. Enjoy and do not doubt, you do it daily you will be the creator of your reality!
  3. Read (memorize so eventually you say it and create it fluidly before you open your eyes in the morning!) and fill in the blanks for how you want to describe each section… how do you want to feel? What do you know you must think?  What do you want your energy to be like Intend  – Want and know you must in order to see, and receive your guidance, abundance and answers thru the day.
  4. Create your day with great passion, heart,love, and intention – always based on your personal Bliss-Print.
  5. Use any word or sentence that has Meaning, Punch and Energy to it, that will que you into the GOALS or INTENTIONS for your day.

This is for creating your BlissLife – in Business/Career, Money, Love, Happiness…

  • Energetic
  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • financial
  • Relational

Say it in your head and out loud if possible… feel it, in your body, in your emotional body, in your Bliss energy field, think it, imagine it. As you see in your mind what it is and you begin to feel the energy moving – you will feel a strong co-creation going on with the energies in your Bliss Field.


Enjoy and please let me know below what you experienced and what you liked or want more of! Also please share this, let’s all create our Bliss Life now, so we can live in a world of happy prosperity and creative joy!

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Want more cool tools to manifest, create and make your life full of fun, happiness and money? Then consider the Bliss Business School…

Imagine what would it feel like to have a mentor by your side that saw your Soul Blueprint and heard your heart and helped you make more money listening to it?

“Nan…..the (Bliss Biz school) call today was so rich and full of Love and Inspiration… you were flowing, flowing, flowing! Thank you especially for your insights and comments to me….
… no one has ever seen me like you and it is an amazing experience to feel your Love in that way.
What I am so grateful for is your teaching methodology, the content , the soul, the Love, the knowledge, the Joy, the Bliss……you are so much Fun!
I know this time is really a turning point. The events of the past 2 weeks has been phenomenal. And each time something shows up I know Spirit is talking with me and has lined me up for the next little miracle or next huge one ! I know I am guided always.”  CalLing Ling? Bliss Business School 2 

If you want to feel like that grab a time to talk to me now… >>CLICK HERE<<
 Bliss Business School Students this last year created so much while in this sacred group – from tripling income, moving to a new country or dream home, funding a movie, building client lists, making back their entire investment in the School in one month and more…


I am pleased and honored to speak with you about joining this incredible group of Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Visionaries on a Mission. I am honored to be able to support you marketing, manifesting, intuition, money and designing a BlissLife!

Love and blessings of blissful abundance,

Live Your Bliss Now

Bliss Business School is Now Open

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Imagine what would it feel like to have a mentor by your side in 2015 that saw your Soul Blueprint and heard your heart and helped you make more money listening to it? A community that made you feel like this:

“Nan…..the (Bliss Biz school) call today was so rich and full of Love and Inspiration… you were flowing, flowing, flowing! Thank you especially for your insights and comments to me….
… no one has ever seen me like you and it is an amazing experience to feel your Love in that way.
What I am so grateful for is your teaching methodology, the content , the soul, the Love, the knowledge, the Joy, the Bliss……you are so much Fun!
I know this time is really a turning point. The events of the past 2 weeks has been phenomenal. And each time something shows up I know Spirit is talking with me and has lined me up for the next little miracle or next huge one ! I know I am guided always.”  CalLing Ling? Bliss Business School  

If you want to feel like that, you’ll be happy to be the first to know that we have now opened enrollment for The Bliss Business School for 2015…
Bliss Business School Students this last year created so much while in this sacred group – from tripling income, moving to a new country or dream home, funding a movie, building client lists, making back their entire investment in the School in one month and more…

 [headline_georgia_small_left color=”#000000″]The Bliss Business School re-opened for enrollment, as we Sold Out in 2014.

Now is the Time – we are officially open for enrollment and your spot is waiting – there is not time to waste!! Yay!

We have already had 2 spots grabbed up, so please take a moment and review this (more info below), and do one of these:

#1 Set a time to >> Talk to Nan<< to see if this is best for you…


Simply put your Deposit down to Reserve your Spot =>>HERE<<=

We start Jan 14th,  – this will be sure you set yourself up for the best year yet….

I am pleased and honored to speak with you about joining this incredible group of Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Visionaries on a Mission. I am honored to be able to support you marketing, manifesting, intuition, money and designing a BlissLife!

MORE INFO ON BLISS BUSINESS SCHOOL 2015[/headline_georgia_small_left] 


Take a minute – breathe – tune in to your deepest desires and ask… IS THIS ME?
– You are ready to have the kind of community, mentor and space that is sacred and safe to go deep, be vulnerable and to be loved, supported, heard, seen and respected. A place where YOUR DREAMS become reality– You are ready to have access to the marketing resources and a business plan to keep you OUT OF OVERWHELM... so you spend less time marketing and more time in your genius helping people…
– You know making MORE MONEY is a Spiritual Necessity for you to make a bigger difference, and reach your full potential. You want deep money rewiring, recurring income, multiple streams of income and fast income – while feeling worthy and happy!– You are ready to deepen your intuition, connect to and TRUST yourself, increase your manifesting skills and ability to find solutions to any situation, anywhere, anytime….- You want to grow personally, spiritually and mentally – learn Inner strength and the ability to transform your limiting beliefs,

Right now is the time to look within and see if this year you will go to the next level with fun, style and joy… 

– If you are a Visionary with a CALLING IN YOUR HEART ready to follow your bliss and create your reality now – 

You are a Spiritual entrepreneur, healer, author, creative or expert who wants an INTUITIVE LIFESTYLE BUSINESS…
A BLISS Business… that fulfills your dreams, makes Excellent money, helps more people – and you build with ease, grace and a marketing plan that suits you… then come see if this is your next step!
Below is a PEEEK into The Bliss Business School – to give you a taste… when we talk we can discuss any questions you have and see if you are ready for Bliss Nation!Lots of love and respect… talk soon!
Bliss Business School
Theme: Vision!
Cash CampBliss Money Focus: Money Vision:
Finding money, cashflow, cash infusions, Money Relationships and Rewiring the “I don’t have the money” & “I can’t see the money” & “I do not know how to get the money”.  
Bliss School 2015 Starts with our *3 Hour Virtual LiveStream Mastermind: Jan 14th 8-11am PST
Mastery Class: Jan 21  
Inner Play & Outer Play:  Vision Quest & 2015 Blessing Transmission
Developing Inner Vision and translating it into reality
Bliss Maps, Ascension Plans, Packages, Pricing, Visioning your path – creating the energetic and Spiritual structure of your year, business, income and life. Ascension plans, clarity and we will lay out your plan, prices, etc.
Bliss Principles: (Personal/Spiritual Development Focus): Acceptance: the door that opens all possibilities and the Vibrational place where you take your power back. This is required to master to find the next step and move fwd on your path at all times.  
Theme: Love! Accessing your true power.
Bliss Money Focus: The Spirit of Money : 
Accessing the Frequency of Love, Self love, Spiritual Love –  how to infuse your clients, business, offers, sales conversations and plans with love and magnetize. How to see money as a from of love energy and connect thru love
Mastery Class 1: Feb 4
Mastery Class 2: Feb 11
Mastery Class 3: Feb 18
Inner Play & Outer Play:
Accessing the Frequency of Love 
Being Seen, putting yourself ‘out there’ at a new level, unlocking the power of love, inner journeys for integrating the unloved parts and bringing wholeness and solutions
Loving your Marketing, message, clients and offer  
Bliss Principles: (Personal/Spiritual Development Focus): Power: what is personal power, how do you access it, manage it, direct it and maintain your energy and clarity in the face of negative situations, perceived failures and more. Unlock your  source of true power. 
March: LIVE IN PERSON MASTERMIND: March 20, 21, 22 San Diego
Theme: Worth!
Bliss Money Focus: Money Worthiness: The Wealth Esteem Paradox- Setting the groundwork for making, keeping, growing and giving more money, this year. Getting to the Truth about your Relationship with Money. Re-setting your Value and your ‘Wealth Esteem Quotient”.
Asking for money in any situation, loving negotiation, feeling deserving, valued and valuable, Giving more value than ever before.
Mastery Class 1: Mar 4 (only class this month)
LIVE IN PERSON MASTERMIND: March 20, 21, 22 San Diego
Inner Play & Outer PlayWealth Esteem, self love/worth/value, Sacred Sales, Feminine Energy in Sales, Magnetic Attraction. 

Transforming Beliefs: Special deep dive at live event and also how to develop, transform, embed and uncover beliefs and use them as your most powerful allies. Thinking, and managing your state/energy, 

Bliss Principles: (Personal/Spiritual Development Focus): Trust! Unlock natural confidence and inner peace thru deepening and expand your Trust of self, the Universe, the solutions and your Bliss field, be able to walk into any situation and know the answer is within you. 
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Don’t take my word for it.
Here’s a few clients results after just a few months of working together
Adi, Toronto, Canada: Fearless coach, healer, musician, writer, artist. In only 3 months she increased her recurring income by more than double, enrolled 12 private clients, and her rates are triple.
Her song is featured in a BIG TIME video for the U. N.. Then she manifested the money in only 1 week to move her family into hernew dream place with a view of the water!
  “The Money just keeps coming in… I’ve never seen so much!”

 Sarah-Jane, Johannesburg, South Africa: Made her entire year’s Coaching fee back in the first month of coaching! Now she is taking her expertise in consciousness work, as an animal communicator and energy worker and focusing it on Inspiring women with confidence and courage. 
Growing her list and clientele globally, she now receives speaking invitations on a regular basis and has developed her new signature system.
 Debora, New Mexico, USA:  A Women’s Writing Coach, Author and Playwright. After Debora’s VIP day with me she spent the next 2 months “receiving everything she’s ever wanted”! (Her words)Her play opened to rave reviews and more openings scheduled! Now she’s Co-Creating a Mother-Daughter Healing Project that’s igniting her personal healing and new level of spiritual wholeness. “I just love the Safe, sacred space you create and seeing how Dreams can come true…”

6 Things Intuitive People Do Differently to Succeed

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Is deepening and Trusting Intuition something Top successful people value? Can your intuition really affect your success, income, happiness or your ability to make a difference?

If you want to know how to use your intuition more confidently and consistently to create the happiness, money and success you desire – then tune in to my Biss Streaming Podcast for a show all about “6 Things Intuitive People Do Differently to Succeed” at

Do you think ‘Intuition” is silly and not real or do you know, because you have had experiences of ‘knowing – without any idea why, that your intuition could well be what Steve missing puzzle pieceJobs called “more powerful than intellect.” – especially in achieving the dreams and goals in your heart.

Many feel to develop your Intuition – your deeper inner senses (you have 360!!!) – is not the best use of your time because it is not practical if you want to create more success in life, business, love, income or health. It may not seem like a concrete step to take to increase your income or gain more clients, or manifest your dream home, but it is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you can do to create more ease, fun, joy  and success in your life.

After 28 years in business and seeking deeper within to find the answers that are right for me, I know that most success that is both fulfilling and profitable come from respecting, feeding and nurturing your intuition. It’s time to live your life from your inner wisdom, and thrive, at work and in life.


6 Things Intuitive People Do Differently to Succeed

  1. They Value their Intuitive Voice and learn and practice to receive and interpret the messages consistently.

  2. They Trust themselves and let go of others being an authority over them and move forward even if they see no clear plan

  3. They Act on their messages quickly, taking steps into uncertainty – learning to ‘Walk on Air’ and bridge the GAP between instinct and reasoning.

  4. They intentionally increase their capacity to Receive – ideas, support, inspiration, solutions, money. Creating a routine or an Inner Peace Space where they can Pay Attention have regular time to Listen and Receive (meditate, mindfulness, down time, )

  5. They Choose. They develop the mental muscles to stay on their Bliss path and refuse to let outside ‘Noise” interrupt their Flow – intentionally reducing Stress, overwhelm, multi-tasking & negative people and influences. This also increases clarity, focus, and accelerates manifestation.

  6. They Rejuvenate. They Prioritize Self Care and Personal Growth – meditation, dreams, rest, social and hobby time, and self love.

“Few things stifle intuition as easily as constant busyness, multitasking, connectivity to digital devices and stress and burnout. According to Arianna Huffington, we always have an intuitive sense about the people in our lives — on a deep level, we know the good ones from the “flatterers and dissemblers” — but we’re not always awake enough to our intuition to acknowledge the difference to ourselves. The problem is that we’re simply too busy.”

Come join me and go deeper into Success thru Intuition – Bliss Streaming Show“6 Things Intuitive People Do Differently to Succeed”. 

“At night, when you’re dreaming, you’re receiving information from the unconscious or intuitive part of your brain,” says Burnham. “If you’re attuned to your dreams, you can get a lot of information about how to live your life.” Sophy Burnham

Be open to becoming better friends with this part of you that is connected to Divine wisdom and your truth, it will bring you into flow, your Bliss Stream of Divine energy from which you can create thru joy!